Testimonials received by Michele

Michele W Weinstein, also known as Michele Schuchman and Grandma Michele, treated my wife Andrea with energy management therapy, in February & March 2016 for the stroke Andrea had 7 years ago. Andrea's stroke left her with several brain damages. Andrea's right side paralyzed, and she completely lost her speech. After the energy therapy that Michele did with Andrea, Andrea was able to recover 80% of her English (second language that Andrea used to speak well). Andrea was able to walk again but never recovered her arm movement. She had 2 beautiful babies, 3 and 1, that helped her healing process but then got very slow and difficult for her to make progress until she had the motivation, professional energy healing services, kindness from Michele at our home and outside by our home under a large oak tree. Michele opened up a mental block that Andrea was suffering from. Michele instinctively knew what mindful buttons to press on the issues that Andrea needed to address to forgive something she had no control of. After that one session, Andrea did the homework that Michele left for her and me to do before the next season. There was many improvements with both of us that made Andrea's desire and healing process during the last year improve more than in the last 3 years. Andrea is speaking much more Spanish now, and she is in continuous progress in recovering her English. She is also now reading easily. I think Michele has made "magic" on her. We will continue this process, and hopefully my wife recovers 100%.
- Santiago & Andrea 4/18/2017


It was just one of those weeks - feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually drained. So much happening with family issues and not able to clear and balance myself no matter how hard I tried. A trip to Bethel Woods seemed like a great idea - music, natural beauty - a chance to shed some of the stresses. I sat outside on a bench and as much as I tried, I couldn't shake this horrible headache. I wandered down to the ladies room and emerged from the stall to wash my hands. Desperately seeking to feel better, I thought an aspirin could help but knew I didn't have one. Looking to my left and right sides at the people standing near me I heard myself asking this lovely, angelic looking woman if she might have one I could have. It was as if a new world opened right then and there. Her answer was that she didn't use that medication but that she was sure she could help if I'd like. Honestly, my eyes started to well as I realized I happened upon an angel, as this lovely voice spoke to me gently. With my permission Michelle called both my angels and her angels to give me the Divine Universal Spirit energy I needed to absorb a sense of calm and health back into my body. This was a chance meeting, but yet it wasn't chance at all. The mind relaxed, the headache ceased, the emotions that were blocking my peace emerged from my tired body. Michelle brought me back to equilibrium and balance. All this from a so called "stranger!" The blessing of that day has stayed within me as the angels have kept me feeling better and more aligned with harmony. Thank you dear Michelle. With love to you, Joyce
- Joyce 9/21/2016


Immediately upon meeting Michele, she demonstrated her command over any situation. Her mastery of landscapes, both personal and professional, have made a world of difference on every aspect of my life. In the professional world, I have found many who have promised many tricks and ploys - Michele is the only one who delivers on everything she speaks of. Her memory is almost eidetic. And wherever she is, whatever she is doing or whatever the situation, she is ready to recall exact details from even the earliest moments of our working together.

I had the pleasure to meet Michele W Weinstein on one of her home turfs in rural Pennsylvania. I was new to the town, and she is known throughout the region. In my time in this rural scenery, Michele has consistently been a true friend and a compassionate spirit.

I'm honored to take this opportunity to preface her work. Throughout my life as a member of groups and organizations, as well as leading and performing my own research in geo-politics, physics, behaviors and trends, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to some of the most unusual ways of thinking. I have learned, as those in my field have, that not all is as it seems.

By building relationships with many people high in the realm of science, I have been shown specific data that suggest a prescient view of the world in which we live. Studies in geology, history, mathematics, physics and even new sciences, such as spatial equations and Quantum physics, have taken decades for myself and others to study and comprehend.
Michele has reached the same conclusions, and reports the same universe that science is only now beginning to scratch the surface of. And she does this not from the viewpoint of scholarly regard, but from the abandon that one who simply knows will commonly speak from. In just her own thoughts and time, she has managed to conclude the same findings that people spend their entire lives pondering and struggling to assemble.
She's a natural.
- Steve Earl - December 14, 2015


Michele, I wanted to drop you an email and say thank you for the great stay at your retreat. I had been looking for a very special place to take my two little girls that would be nice, in nature and be a place that had a lot to offer. It was so easy to book our rooms and I was so happy to see all the great land that we had to walk around and enjoy. The girls enjoyed learning to play pool on the table in the house, and we were so surprised to see the other games that you had in the house for us to play. The dinner in the front glass room was amazing with the rain coming down. I also want to thank you for taking care of my special request to have you connect us with your friend Karen that allowed us to see 15 horses. Karen gave us so much great teachings about horses as we watched them on her farm in the covered area. My girls and I feel so refreshed and ready to go back into the world after taking in your great wisdom and the nature of your special space. Feel free to share this with anyone you want. I want all singles or couples with children to know of this special retreat. Make sure to write us in for the stay next year same time. Much love.
- Mark from fl, August 2014


I met Michele, not by accident, one day at my job selling holistic health supplements in NYC. I felt an instant connection. We exchanged cards, and kept in touch over the internet and through Facebook. A few months later, I found myself having an absolutely terrible week - emotionally, physically, and energetically. On my way to work, I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, and moreover- confusion from where this was all coming from! I couldn't feel the support from the universe I ultimately knew was there. It turned out that Michele happened to be in New York that week, and was leaving Brooklyn that very same day. I can't remember exactly how we got in touch with each other that day, but all of a sudden I see my phone with all these messages from Michele saying "Come out, I am in my Black Cadillac on Greenwich!". We hung out in her car and talked for about 40 minutes. It was incredibly nourishing for me, and so thoughtful on Michele's part to come see me through one of my darkest hours. Michele is a light being- one who has so much light that she chooses to use to help others learn how to shine from within. A beautiful, wise, loving soul, who has some of the best wardrobes I have ever seen. Love it. Thank you Michele!
- Katy S.- Demo Specialist, Brand Ambassador NYC  Sept 2014


This is the location where I went to recharge my batteries and take time to take care of me. As a spiritual teacher and healer, I find that it is very important to take time to take care of me so that I can be able to help others. I enjoyed the great house with my own private room and all the great meals. I found that Ms. Weinstein was a great asset for when I needed to walk the 55 acres near the pond and take time to talk and also was given my space when I needed it. I found that the property and house was a very healing location like what you see with great locations like Sedona.  I enjoyed the nature setting.  I never had to want for anything while I was there as all the details were taken care of.  Are you ready for a great place to go and get some downtime, I highly recommend that you book your personal retreat at Michele W Weinstein Spiritual Retreat Center.
- Mark Rawson, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. 2/20/2014


It is rare in life to meet someone who cares, or has the time to give one. Most are busy running here and there meeting deadlines, fulfilling goals. Michele is one of those rare people who will just listen and be with you where you are at. It is not so much the words she says or even anything specific that I can put my finger on. But when you are around Michele, if you are open and sincere, then everything comes together, and one finds themselves filled with a unique, gentle and wonderful sense of peace.

Now to the time I spent at Michele's place, I had heard her speak of making her home into a retreat center, a place where people could come and she could share her light and love with them in order to bring them healing, transformation and renewal. I am a very simple man, and to me light is hidden always in the oddest of circumstances, it is in those instances when we least expect, those times when are seemingly unaware that flashes of love and our true greatness shine forth in our hearts and astound us.

So, when we set up a day for me to come and visit and experience Michele's place I was all for it. It was a Sunday night, I stayed the night and socialized with a friend and spiritual teacher, then in the morning Michele was there and we went for a walk, this being the first I was on the property I was not sure what to expect, and thus had no expectations or desires really. As we began to walk the property Michele spoke to me of her plans for the property of the center, her ideas and hopes for healing and helping, then she took me to a spot in a seeming aclove in the woods, where the trees had been cleared out. We came upone a puddle of water which we had to cross and upon coming near this puddle, Michele told me to stop and raise my hands. We were right in front of an energy vortex that exists on her property, I had heard mention from her of this vortex and thought simply, oh that is nice. However, when I put my hands up as instructed I immediately felt it's pull and my mind went into that blissful silence and peace that I am familiar with from meditation. Only, with this energy there was no effort or struggle, there was no waiting period of trying to allow the mind and body to settle, there was only this peace that surrounds ones heart like a blanket and allows one spirit to assuage in the knowing that everything is ok. And so with this feeling we walked through the vortex, we did not stop and linger for long, though Michele did show me some simple exercises to help enhance and recreate the feeling the whenever I want, need, or so choose. The peace and love that I experienced in that vortex is a familiar feeling, and it is this comfort and tranquility I am able to carry with me in my day to day life as I continue down my path, or writing my story, as Michele loves to call it.

To be sure, there was many other wonderful insights, and experiences I had during my time spent with Michele on her property but this was by far my favorite, and rather than drag this out I thought it best to share this simple experience with you, in the hopes that you connect and perhaps experience some love yourself. Michele and her property are both unique and wonderful in their vibrational and loving quality, there is healing and hope one must just simply let go and be a part of it. Light and Love to all.
- Michael.  11/5/2013


I was sitting at the bar having a few drinks to try to drown my sorrows. I knew it was weakness. My heart was broken, and I knew I was the creator of my suffering. But for some reason, I was clinging to it. I liked it somehow, though everything inside me screamed "I wanted freedom". With this pain, I was sitting at the bar having drinks. Suddenly, on my left was a lady in a scarlet red hat. I have no clue where she came from. I can't even remember how the conversation started. But she asked me who I was, and I said I didn't know or I wouldn't be here right now. she then asked me who she was, to which I said if I knew who she was I would know who I was. We traded names, and somehow my suffering came out and I told her I was stuck. I don't know why, I didn't even know this woman. I told her I had heartburn that wouldn't go away. She told me she would heal me and moved her hands in front my stomach telling me to breathe a certain way and release. This all lasted a very short moment and suddenly I felt like something snapped inside of me. The only way I can describe it is like I woke up, and I started laughing, and laughing, and laughing. And she kept speaking words to me and I cannot even remember what she said only bits and pieces. She said "you were easy you were open". I think she said "you were ready". Then she told me a story and I can't remember the story, but I just kept laughing and laughing and I felt like something was leaving my body, I felt like I was becoming new. All I can remember from the story is the word illusion.

I left the bar and thanked her. We drove home. I only had a few drinks at the bar so I don't think I was that drunk. As soon as I got home, everything felt crazy. It was like all of my pain from all of my life was moving through me at once, and I ended up just puking. But it was like I was spitting up fire, and something was leaving me. I'm not sure what happened. Then, somehow, I ended up going to my ex-girlfriend's room (I live on a yoga retreat center campus. So my ex-girlfriend's room is within walking distance of my room). I ended up on her floor just convulsing in pain and writhing in agony. I started just saying things and releasing everything. She was wonderful and just let me vent and was a compassionate ear. I lied to her as well and I feel bad about that. But it felt like everything was released. I woke up this morning and the feeling is still with me. I feel awake. I feel alive. I don't want to cling to this feeling though as nothing is permanent. I'm not sure if my heartburn is healed or not. And, I kind of don't care if something was healed or something was transformed inside of me. Michele was a gift from God along my path, and she helped guide me. I can't explain what she did, what I did, or what happened. But, I know my light again. When I was first at the bar before meeting her, all I could see and feel was darkness. I am reminded of Paul on the road to Damascus, and it is hilarious because she said she was from Damascus, PA when I spoke to her.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, You helped me when I was giving up, and I felt like I was losing hope. My soul drew you to me, and I was even expecting it consciously.  Love, light, and many blessings as you continue being a radiant beam of awakening to those ready to open there hearts.
- Anonymous


Spirit of guidance - an angel hidden behind what is known in this world as a human being. Just another face in the crowd to those who are not spiritually privileged to see beyond what the human eye is capable of seeing. They say that the eyes of a person is the mirror of their soul. Without the connection of mind, heart and soul "the privileged gift" (given to all) is not always obtained due to the lack of acceptance towards the hidden truth that can only be seen by very few. Although we did not look for each other I believe the best gifts in life magically appear when you least expect them.

I just wanted to thank you for your advice when we spoke the other day. I am probably experiencing one of the most difficult periods of my life, and it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss all this with you. Your caring and compassion is rare in this world, and I so look forward to speaking to you again soon. I have started my book, as you suggested, but right now it is more memoires than anything else. Again - thank you so much!
- Marcyle Wallman


The smile, yes, the smile. There she was at the front door of the house, children all around her. I can't remember if she wanted to rent a horse, introduce herself or ask for information. But Michele glowed with sunshine and exuberance for a new life. She and her husband had bought the "place up the hill" and had become our new neighbors. They ventured into sporting pursuits, things they could "do with the kids". I never saw people so dedicated to activities they could all share as a family. The connection between Michele and myself grew when Michele bought her horse and kept him with me. Wouldn't you know, Michele was a real life, singing cowgirl? My neighbors would ask me if I know Michele sang when she rode her horse past their place. I would respond by saying, "I'm not surprised. She's really having a great time." My parents thought she was pretty terrific and always had to chuckle at how much Michele could smile.

Next news was that she and Barry were opening a restaurant that grew from a "pizza" and Italian endeavor to a full blown, gourmet venture, the classiest that little Callicoon had ever seen. Then they helped to establish a business association that still exists to this day. It has become the basis for many of the town's successful cooperative events.

Michele, with her big heart, even joined in an annual cookie swap that my mother and I put on at Christmas time. It was for "the ladies" and it gave us a chance to share the gift of friendship across ethnic and religious differences. No matter. We were a community, neighbors, friends and family, all one at that special time.

There were many other memories, some very touching, some trying, some tragic, like the loss to fire of the family compound at the same time my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. But through it all, Michele knew how to be a friend, how to throw herself into work and find moments of pleasure, how to love her family and how to be a loving wife. To me, Michele stands for friendship and living life to the fullest. The world would be a better place if there were more "Micheles"!
- Jennifer Canfield, Damascus P.A.


How is it possible that two souls met in Damascus, from different backgrounds, upbringings and culturally different childhoods to form a bond that skipped over necessary life lessons and joined together now on the other side, open to a new awareness? Who among the ancestors is at work helping us forge a path open to many more who wish to drink in the spiritual essence? Michele from New York, then Pennsylvania, Arizona, and now back to Damascus P.A.- Jennifer from New York, then Pennsylvania, someday from another place, two people more connected through horses than any other circuit, now living completely separate lives, are sharing wisdom coming at them from an ocean of cosmic consciousness and, inexplicably, are able to digest it and put it out there for others to tap into.

Why Michele? Out of so many people that I've known, so many people who have come and gone, so many people who talk the talk and walk the walk but never stopped to listen to the ancestors, Michele is being touched by the ancient wisdom and is brave enough to send it through to let me know my part in this. Because I prayed and talked to my parents, long gone, they send Michele to tell me what I always knew: The horses are here for us to help us make the journey. That is why my parents always loved Michele, always knew her heart. That is why love is always the answer. Its own truth can never be denied. As I write, the words come to me answering their own questions, putting the wheels in motion, showing me my own truth. These are the truths we all need to find. They exist now and forever. Thank you, Michele.
- Jennifer Canfield, mascus P.A.


In 2010, Michele W Weinstein visited me in the hospital while I was healing from a knee replacement. Her fantastically vibrant ambiance, her delightful sense of humor, and love of life definitely helped me relax and feel valued. As she left to visit someone else, she gave me a red boa to drape around my hospital TV. This boa created many lively conversations during the rest of my stay at Wayne Memorial Hospital. Thank you Michele for your touch of kindness.
- Nancy Wells


Michele called me out of the blue one morning recently as she said she had a "Premonition" about me. The Premonition that she had was that I had "Lost" everything and had moved from Florida to Philadelphia to move in with my Daughter as her thoughts were that I had nowhere else to go. However, what Michele really "Tapped" into was what I had been recently feeling, for quite some time, which was depression, desperation and despair. And to top it off, I was just about out of money, down to my last $100 bucks! Ouch!!!

I told Michele what was going on in my life recently as of course she really wanted to know as we are very close friends so I told her. Mostly of my Job situation in that I was working one Job that I really liked, however it was mostly activity based or results based, kind of like commissioned based, although not exactly. And then I told her of another job where it was salary plus commission with Benefits. She immediately told me to take the salary job with the benefits. I told her that I wanted to stay with the other job because I liked it better and probably wouldn't take the salary job. She said well do whatever you feel.

We ended our conversation and I thought about what she said. I then thought that it may be possible to do both jobs. So the following week I intended on doing just that. I started the salary job and still did the other job before and after the salary job since it was working on the road and from home. I did this for the entire week and it was going well. So I thought. And then out of nowhere I get an e-mail from the guy with the commissioned based job terminating me for reasons which were not true at all. So it is a good thing I took Michele's advice and had taken the salary job. Now, I am on my way to making good money and having stability with the vision of reaching all of my goals and dreams as I am heading in the right direction to do so.
Thanks Michele for reaching out and making that one VERY Important phone call to me.
- Gregory


I met Michele through Senior America. I had my dog with me because she was recovering from surgery and could not be left alone. Michele prayed over my dog. Eight months later, expecting her bladder stones to have recurred, we were preparing for surgery again. The surgeon suggested another x-ray, and lo and behold, there were no stones! He and I were both stunned! Michele had indeed been the channel to cure my dog!

I saw Michele again a year later. My computer had crashed and I had lost all of my photos and documents. I had taken it to a computer repair place who told me it could not be repaired, that the "mother board" had died. I took it to another repair place who told me the same thing. I jokingly asked Michele to pray over it, and would you believe, it started right up, and is still working! It is indeed another miracle!

Michele's spirit works in amazing ways. She sees and feels things that others don't. She has opened herself up to be a channel for a higher power. I am blessed to have her as a friend and hope to see her often.
- Patti Kuhn


Hi, Michele,

This was so lovely to receive, and to remember the time you were at my house! And yes, I recall the computer "rescue" you did, and also, yes, it was indeed Stormy who you helped heal. She lived 15 years, which was amazing, since that tumor kept growing. The last year of her life, the tumor took over and she was skin and bones, and it was hard for her, but she kept her happy face and beautiful eyes and she is totally in my soul. I miss her more than words can say and will look for her soul in another. I do know exactly what you mean, as all of my beloved dogs have appeared in rescued dogs who came my way. I can tell by their eyes what is inside.

Bless you for all that you do, and I hope to see you again someday!

Hugs and prayers and good thoughts to you.


PS: Now I am not sure if it was Stormy or Misty. Misty had bladder stones and had surgery twice. It might have been her! If so, the stones disappeared and never returned! I should have called you for Stormy!
- Patti Kuhn   2/11/2018


I have had the greatest pleasure meeting Michele and being enlightened by her spiritually and as a Life Coach. I would suggest that if you had the opportunity to meet and be counseled by her, you should indeed take it. She doesn't just meet with anyone as her time and energy are limited and is very valuable. Make it the very Best Day Possible.
- Gregory


I met Michele at a Eden Energy Medicine workshop.  Michele is a sincere and caring person.  She uses her intuitive capabilities to help guide her during healing sessions.  She is an intelligent, unique gifted woman!
- James Young


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