Cancer Management

Service Description

What is Cancer?

A word with an emotional “Fear “ energy attachment and resulting in abnormal cell cycles of a biological coding for a healthy physical body to live without ending its existence.

That is Michele’s perception of any form of cancer in the bloodstream that navigates its way to create its story.

Pretend that the “cancer story” is a word document of the individual’s restorative previous versions of “self” as it relates to emotional stress of what still is not acknowledged. This vibrational weight on the immune system is the root to the one cancer cell giving the individual an awakening alarm to take notice of it and becomes the frustrated 2 year old child causing chaos to the rest of the tribe of cells within that organ.

The individual that is diagnosed with cancer, has free choices of what medical, religious, or spiritual path of least resistance to kill the enemy cancer cells. All these methods are an experiment with documented medical statistics but none of them will guarantee your cancer might come back in the same place or its seedlings have already spread and taken root somewhere else in your physical body.

Michele knowing she will die again did not know how or when her death would accrue. Anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis will tell you that one of your first thoughts is , “Am I going to die from this?”. We all lost someone to death and we all have to die ourselves. . So why aren’t we comfortable talking about it? Talking about death does not mean you’ve given up. If anything it makes your life richer because you realize there isn’t a moment to waste. Talking about death does not make it happen. Talking about death is freeing . You give a voice to fear and it no longer has the same power over you. Talk about our childhood dreams ,what were our family beliefs around pain and suffering in the world, and what called us to the work we’re now doing? Talk about spiritual beliefs- what were we raised to believe and what do we believe now?. And how we integrate our beliefs into our work lives. What do we think about death ? 1) What do you believe happens when you die? 2) #2) Is death the worst thing that can happen to you? 3) #3) Why or Why not is cancer the worst kind of death ? Why ? #4) If you had to die right now ,how would you like to die? Disease, house fire, murder, drowning, car accident ,poison mushroom? The only thing Michele knew was she decided to live in the moment the best way possible. The best way possible was to stop worrying how Michele was going to die again. If you ever lost anyone suddenly, you realize that it takes almost a year to comprehend that person is really dead. It was also to stop worrying about money or business for an income. Michele was diagnosed with Breast Cancer February 2016 It gave her time to get her affairs in order with a trust fund and trustees to disperse all her assets. February 2017 --- It was a time to fly and have fun with a bucket list trip for 6 weeks to relive her past adventures by herself. It was a time to live and love everything as it was engaged to her When that was over, it was time to go under the knife and have her left breast surgically removed along with 19 lymph nodes by Dr. Robyn Moncrief 5/16/2017 and reconstruction started with Dr. Andrew Ress . Michele felt empowered and grateful to live and inspire others going through the fear of cancer .

Michele makes No claim for your recovery from your cancer. If Michele or anyone did, it would assume that Michele and all the others, had power of “God” within their radiant energy. Some people call that heightened ego-centricity. That in itself is a form of external power that is not relevant to managing an individual’s life. That is a form of incarceration from the victim mentality that is left from the corpse of decade physical bodies throughout history.

Michele offers a service to manage cancer by teaching the individual how to separate from their body in a controlled environment without any medication.

It is an individual blueprint of the absorption of cognitive consciousness with their multi- sensory perception. The use of sound from the individual’s voice on a play back for the individual to see and hear their communication of their thought process is the first baby step to manage self – control benefiting all the cells to play a harmonious healing new habit forming behavioral patterns for a joyful, happy life with no hiding behind the layers of masks to please the observers.

Service Description:

Client needs to provide a detailed history of cancer and treatments with what medications and course of action for eradication of active cancer cells in blood stream. Each client’s information is private. Client needs to provide a week daily activity from awakening in the morning to bedtime in details of time scheduled with a routine or not routine.

If Michele accepts the client, there will be a mutual meeting for coffee or tea in a location agreed. The fee for the first meeting Is 108$ per hour of Michele’s time. That is prepaid 3 days before non-refundable on pay-pal.

If another session is asked for by the client, the client will have to do some home- work that Michele specified and bring it to the next session. The fee is the same 108$ for two hours with Michele.

If another session is asked for within 9 months the fees are in the same for session one and sessions two. Michele is not an annuity and anticipates that the client will successful learn to navigate their own self- empowerment and help others along their way.

Michele’s following skills will be uses to provide this service of Cancer Management: Energy Medicine Healing, Regression Therapy along with creative art forms.

Michele will use the following skills to provide this service: Energy Medicine Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy

Energy medicine healing - is a process that Michele will format exclusively to the unique energy of the client, to get their mind and body aligned with the present. Michele hands ARE A CONDUCTOR OF VIBRATION ENERGY. Michele uses her hands to connect to the energy field around and within the client. Permission must be given to Michele to touch their head, feet, hands and where physical or emotional pain is felt by client. No personal private body parts will be touched by Michele. Michele will teach the client sensitivity to vibration awareness. This awareness is the awakening to the clients sixth and seventh senses.

Past life regression therapy, or regression therapy - is a process Michele formats exclusively for the client to visually see and feel their past history while in a hypnotic trance. The process allows the client to move forward from "Fear" of not having - to "Faith" of abundant health and success.

Each session is given at an agreeable site between Michele and the client.

For additional session with Michele, the client will have to complete homework assignment that Michele will email to client 3 days after each session.

Each client's information is kept confidential.

One hour session - Fee is $108 per hour

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