Shifting the Perception Of a Cancer Diagnosis

Service Description

“Holy shit! I have cancer, it’s my death sentence!” This was Michele’s initial reaction to her cancer diagnosis.

Michele pretended that none of this was real to get through the first series of surgeries and cancer treatments. When stage 4 cancer in multiple places in her bones was diagnosed on August 28, 2018, from a full body PET SCAN 11 months after her breast mastectomy and cancer treatments, Michele still wouldn’t accept anger, discomfort or pain. That put her cells on an extreme high vibrational frequency that allowed her to live with happiness, joy and a renewed appreciation for family, friends and life.

Michele will use the following skills to provide this service: Energy Medicine Healing, Regression Therapy along with creative art forms

Energy medicine healing - is a process that Michele will format exclusively to the unique energy of the client, to get their mind and body aligned with the present. Michele's hands ARE A CONDUCTOR OF VIBRATION ENERGY. Michele uses her hands to connect to the energy field around and within the client. Permission must be given to Michele to touch their head, feet, hands and where physical or emotional pain is felt by client. No personal private body parts will be touched by Michele. Michele will teach the client sensitivity to vibration awareness.

Regression therapy - is a process Michele formats exclusively for the client to visually see and feel their past history while in a hypnotic trance. The process allows the client to shift their perception away from previous limiting perceptions.

Service Description:

Michele offers a service for those going through the journey of cancer by listening to their stories and inspiring to live without pain or fear, but rather with love and gratitude.

Michele's following skills will be used to provide this service of Shifting the Perception of a Cancer Diagnosis through her skills of Energy Medicine Healing and Regression Therapy, along with creative art forms.

Client needs to provide one week's journal of daily activities from morning to bedtime in details. This is required to enable shifting.

If Michele accepts the client, there will be a mutual meeting in a location agreed. The fee for the first meeting is $108 per hour of Michele’s time.

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